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We are both proud and honoured to have the opportunity to produce this award winning documentary. Based on the mad obsession of a man, as he tries to time warp dying traditional trades and methods of living. Collecting artefacts of sustainable living, which are now a distant past. This collection that grew to become its own museum.


A corporate Show Reel, Commissioned by BSH Walls & Floors. This Corporate shoot took me through the doors of renowned designers, like Kristina Zanic, Bond Interiors. Filmed and edited to interlace various designers sharing their views on custom carpet manufacturing.


Commissioned by Nestle Professional, food to look at its best. Shot over 7 days and edited over 30 Videos as content for the months to come. Crew built up of Creative Director, 2 Cam ops, gaffer &  a food Stylist.


We understand the importance of brand identity. We work closely with our clients to create videos that align with their vision and values.  From the sleek lines of modern furniture to the intricate craftsmanship of traditional pieces, our videos bring out the beauty and functionality of each product.


The hospitality network is responsible for hosting one of the biggest hotelier networking conferences. We have had the privilege to produce the most capitulating content for them for since its inception.


We specialize in creating captivating promo reels that showcase your brand in the best light. With our expertise, we can help you make a lasting impression through great content that leaves a lasting impact.

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